Dors Venabili
Dors venabili by ilnere
Nicknames The Tiger Woman
Occupation Historian, Protector of Hari Seldon
Nationality Cinna
Spouses and Lovers Hari Seldon (Starting at the end of Prelude to Foundation)
Descendants Raych Seldon(adopted)
Appearances Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation
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Dors Venabili is a character who appears in Asimov's books, Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation as one of the main protagonists. Officially, she hails from Cinna, and is a professor of history at the University of Trantor, where she meets 32-year-old Hari Seldon. As ordered by Chetter Hummin, Dors dedicates herself to the protection of Hari Seldon while he works to develop Psychohistory. Throughout Forward the Foundation, it is repeatedly mentioned that Dors does not appear to age whilst everyone else does. Near the end of Prelude to Foundation, although not explicitly stated, it is revealed that Dors is, in fact, a robot.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about the origin of Dors Venabili. Her first appearance in Asimov's books is in Prelude to Foundation, when she meets Hari Seldon for the first time. She is a helper of Chetter Hummin, who is later revealed to be R. Daneel Olivaw. Daneel assigns her to Seldon as a protector in order to help him develop Psychohistory.
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Dors Venabili

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Dors Venabili