Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon by megaduce
Nicknames Raven Seldon
Occupation Psicohistorian
Nationality Helicon
Spouses and Lovers Dors Venabili
Descendants Raych Seldon(Adopted)
Appearances Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation
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Hari Seldon was born in the sector of Artur in Helicon, is the most relevant character in the Foundation Series, he is the creator of Psycohistory, the science that would allow to establish a new Empire to rule the Galaxy.

Hari is knownn as Raven Seldon because of the fact that he bring unlucky to the people around when he predicts the fall of the Empire.


Prelude to FoundationEdit

Hari Seldon on Trantor by Asimov Club deviantart

Hari Seldon arrives to Trantor

His story begins when he visited Trantor invited by the emperor after the presentation of Psycohistory in public aspart of the Decennial Mathematics Convention. The emperor and his enemies wanted his knowledge because of the idea that he could predict the future with it, while Hari thought it was just a starting theoric and unpractical science. Pushed by the Emperor presure (and his First Minister Eto Demerzel), Hari travel around Trantor during The Scape.

Hari visits the most important sectors of Trantor with Dors Venabili after determine that the best place to be away from the Emperor and his Enemies was their own Planet.

Hari visited the main sectors of Trantor and obtained information about history and Human behavior. During this time, he is helped by Dors Venabili and Hummin. Then Hari met Yugo Amaril, who then would help him to develop the Psycohistory, and Raych Seldon, his adoptive son.

The Sectors in wich Seldon where includes:

Forward the FoundationEdit

Hari becomes First Minister of the Empire, replacing Eto Demerzel and helped by his adoptive son. He stopped the intent to affect the empire by some members of Wye.

With his parner Yugo Amaril, Hari creates the two radiants and entablish two Foundations that will allow to reestablish a nem Empire after the fallen of the current one. The first Foundation is composed by erudits and established in Terminus, its main function is to write the Encyclopedia Galactica (while in underground becomes the new Empire). The Second Foundation would be composed by Psycologists and people with the ability to manage the mind of people and its emotions. The first founders of the second Foundation are Wanda Seldon and Stettin Palver.

The book ends with the death of Hari Seldon asdescribed in part of the text of the Encyclopedia Galactica:

Seldon, Hari— ... found dead, slumped over desk in his office at Streeling University in 12,069 (1 F.E.). Apparently Seldon had been working up to his last moments on psychohistorical equations; his activated Prime Radiant was discovered clutched in hand. According to Seldon’s instructions, the instrument was shipped by his colleague Gaal Dornick who had recently emigrated to Terminus. Seldon's body was jettisoned into space, also in accordance with instructions he’d left. The official memorial service on Trantor was simple, though attended. It was worth noting that Seldon’s old friend former First Minister Eto Demerzel attended the event. Demerzel had not been seen since his mysterious disappearance immediately following the Joranumite Conspiracy during the reign of Emperor Cleon I. Attempts by the Commission of Public Safety to locate Demerzel in the days following the Seldon memorial proved to be unsuccessful. Wanda Seldon, Hari Seldon’s granddaughter, did not attend the ceremony. It was rumored that she was grief-stricken and had refused all public appearances. To this day, her whereabouts from then on remain unknown. It has been said that Hari Seldon left this life as lived it, for he died with the future he created unfolding all around him.
Encyclopedia Galactica


After the death of Hari, the First foundation starts growing and according to the Hari´s Plan it faces the so called Seldon Crises. Seldon let a group of reccordings that would be reproduced each time a crises arrives.