Yugo Amaril
Occupation Matematician
Nationality Trantor
Appearances Prelude to Foundation, Forward the Foundation
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Yugo Amaril' was born in the sector of Dahl, Trantor. He knew Hari Seldon when he went to the Dahl sector. Since then, they were good friends and Yugo was the right hand of Hari when developing the Psycohistory.

Yugo was characterizes because of his loneliness. He dedicated all his life to the psycohistory, so that he was not married nor had children. It caused his appeareance to seem older that Hari´s.


Prelude to FoundationEdit

Yugo met Hari Seldon when he went to the Dahl Sector with Dors.

Yugo Amaryl—...Physicist and Mathematician. He is in the position after Seldon in his Psychohistorical contribution for Future Developments. Himself…… He started his life dramatically in Dahl Sector more than his contribution in Psychohistory. He had born in extremely poor in Dahl Sector of Trantor. His life may pass as a very simple person, if unfortunately he did not meet with Hari Seldon………
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Forward the FoundationEdit